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Tours in Latvia

This are the most popular one day tours in Latvia

3 Castles in Town!!! (SIGULDA)

Sigulda is situated on both banks of the ancient valley of the Gauja Rive and often called Switzerland of Latvia. Sigulda is oneof the most beautiful and most popular tourist town
in Latvia for many decades. It has enticed visitors from all
over the world to see the breathtaking views across the valley.
Sigulda together with Turaidas Castle and Krimulda manor
is tourism destination good for shorter or longer stay.
65 euro

Courland's (Kurzeme) mysterious mansions and ostriches

We invite you to join an exciting and very interesting tour to Kurzeme, where you will explore popular Latvian manors and the ancient city of Kuldiga. Then we'll see the ostriches growing in Kurzeme, but at the end of the tour we'll have an excellent dinner in a real Latvian pub.
76 euro

Secret ussr bunker

Soviet time secret facility with a cover name “Vacation Hotel”.
In the territory of the rehabilitation centre Līgatne, 9 m underground, there is a well-equipped facility with a total area of 2,000 sq.m, whose secrecy grading was removed only in 2003. Bunker was built fot the needs of political and state authority elite of the 1980-ies for state administration in case of nuclear war.
– Secret concealment of the Secretaries General of the Soviet Communist Party comrades Voss and Pugo!
– One of the most strategically important places in Soviet Latvia in case of a nuclear war.
– A powerful autonomous self-sustaining structure with all necessary and high-end (for that time) equipment.
– All authentic underground furnishings have been retained!
55 euro

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Sigulda adventure Tour

Public start from 01. june 2024

Open for groups from 15. of march
All day tour, 8-9 Hours

Kurzeme's manors

Public start from 01. june 2024

Open for groups from 15. of march
All day tour, 10-11 hours

Secret bunker

Public start from 01. june 2024

Open for groups from 15. of march
All day tour, 7-8 hours

Sigulda Sightseeing Tour

Public start from 01. may 2024

Open for groups from 15. of march
1 h Tour

Sightseeing Tour in Riga

Public start from 15 of april. 2024

Open for groups from 15. of march
1 h Tour


Geography and climate
Latvia is located in North-Eastern Europe, on the shores of the Baltic Sea.  It is one of the three Baltic States.  Neighbouring countries include Estonia to the North, Lithuania to the South, Russia to the East and Belarus to the South-East.  Latvia is divided into four geographic regions – Kurzeme in the West, Vidzeme in the North, Zemgale in the South and Latgale in the East of the country.  Latvia covers 65.589 km2 of territory, and has a shoreline that is 494 km in length.  Latvia’s landscape is rich and diverse.  The country is located in a zone where both Northern and Central European flora and fauna can be found.  Some 44% of the territory is covered by forests, and this is seen as one of Latvia’s greatest treasures.  Latvia is also a land of lakes – approximately 2.300 lakes are found in the country, particularly in the eastern region of Latgale.